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Jewelry Repairs and Remodeling

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We Are Your Jewelry Experts

We don’t just buy and resell jewelry.  We also design and make it. This is why we know how to take care of your treasured jewelry pieces.

We can repair jewelry beyond the simple sizing of a ring or soldering a broken chain. 

We can replace jewelry clasps, shorten bracelets, extend necklaces, restring pearls, replace or reset precious stones.

We may even be able to repair your metal eyeglass frame.



Repairs Will Help Prevent Loss

We know how to notice when your piece is in danger before it actually breaks.  We recognize when the stone setting is weak and we can repair it to avoid loosing a diamond or other gem.

Just come in for free jewelry inspection and we will honestly tell you if something needs to be done to prevent problems and repair in the best way possible to assure safe wear.

We will give you the different options when a piece cannot be restored in the original shape and help you choose to remodel, repurpose, or duplicate the piece.



If you have inherited jewelry that is not your style, or have old and worn out jewelry, we can design a new piece using the elements of the original piece.

It is our passion and privilege to help fine the be solutions for your Jewelry needs.

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